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A recent and active lab


EA 4400 “Écritures de la modernité (littérature et sciences humaines)” is affiliated to Université Paris 3 – Sorbonne nouvelle and to the Centre national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS) since 2005. It is dedicated to the study of modern French literature, from 19th Century to nowadays, in all its forms, from a cross-displinary viewpoint which takes into account art, philosophy and humanities at large.

Our lab is located in Centre Censier (see Venir). EA 4440 gathers some 40 academics, 2 CNRS researchers, and more than 120 Ph.D students, as well as associated and foreign members. Their names and activites are listed in our directory and in the presentation pages of each team.

Every year, EA 4400 organizes numerous research seminars and events, by itself or in association with institutions such as Bibliothèque nationale de France or Musée d’art contemporain du Val-de-Marne. Apart from its established teams, the lab nurtures and supports innovative projects, often managed by younger researchers, on emerging issues. To this aim, EA 4400 answers calls for projects by agencies like Agence nationale de la Recherche or European Research Council. The lab also welcomes French and foreign visiting researchers, from the graduate level on, for short-term periods.

An outstanding research environment


Thanks to its dual affiliation, EA 4400 is a leading research center for the study of French and Francophone literature.

CNRS is a governement-funded research organization under the adminsitrative of France’s Ministry of Research. As the largest fundamental research organization in Europe, it is involved in all scientific fields, including the humanities, and thus provides EA 4400 with a high-rank interdisciplinary frame.

Dating back to the creation of Collège de Sorbonne in 1253, Paris 3-Sorbonne nouvelle (16 000 students) is one of France major universities for the study of and research in language, media and the humanities. It belongs to PRES Paris Cité, an alliance which also includes the universities of Paris 5, Paris 7 and Paris 13, as well as institutions like Sciences-Po and Inalco. Inside of Paris 3, EA 4400 is part of ED 120, and thus benefits from constant interactions with scholars in French and comparative literature as a whole.

A supple structure


EA 4400 is directed by Professor Michel Collot (Université Paris 3 – Sorbonne nouvelle).
Administration and communication : Dominique Simon.

EA 4400 gathers 6 teams and one associate team :
- L’Esprit nouveau en poésie. Apollinaire. Queneau (director : Daniel Delbreil)
- Centre de recherches sur le surréalisme (director : Henri Béhar)
- CEAMLE : Centre d’études André Malraux et les littératures engagées (director : Jeanyves Guérin)
- Giono et l’imaginaire littéraire du XXe siècle (director : Alain Schaffner)
- CERACC : Centre d’études sur le roman des années cinquante au contemporain (director : Bruno Blanckeman)
- Recherches sur la poésie contemporaine (director : Michel Collot)
- CREF (Centre de recherches en études féminines et de genres), an associated team directed by Mireille Calle-Gruber

These teams also join in common programs, on frequently-renewed topics.